100 years of history.

But it doesn’t mean we do not use the latest technology.
Our manufacturing process is as beautiful as our wood.

An exclusive, natural drying process which the lumber is left to breathe and de-moisturize in a fresh air environment for no less than six months for a more durable,  dimensionally stable finished product.

А colorless, nine-coat applied crystal clear finish allows our exceptional rich colors and textures to come through within each of our exotic hardwood profiles. due to this exclusive process, our floors need.

High performance aluminium oxide crystals deliver unprecedented scratch and abrasion resistance. Our products designed to meer the extra demands of commercial spaces. 

Long length products are milled and randomly cut longer than the standard 48″ of most imports. These longer lengths provide the ultimate in linear elegance with a mix that delivers superlative visual balance and beauty.

Solid hardwood

100% solid hardwood is the hallmark of beauty and durability. The ¾” thick solid hardwood construction delivers consistent beauty throughout the thickness of each piece of flooring and can be sanded and refinished multiple times should it ever be required

Engineered hardwood

Crafted in an engineered, multi-ply construction that can be installed in any room of the home, including the basement. The exceptionally thick 3mm top layer is dry-sawn hardwood that captures the pure wood grain beauty of the finest solid hardwoods

Profiles and applications


Profiles and applications



BWP and its suppliers promote the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain of custody certification, the highest standard in the world, guaranteeing its products are made of timber derived from managed forests, in accordance with stringent social and environmental criteria.