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BWP SA has a long history of forest investments and international trading.

Even promoting the plantations and investments on trees, we believed we could do more in order to protect our environment and the tropical exotic forests around the world.

We decided to promote sustainable harvesting, making sure the forest and its biodiversity is protected.  By promoting high quality and sustainable products we can play a positive role in protecting our environment and our planet.

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland; BWP aims to supply the European demand for high end sustainable certified wood flooring. With over 20 years of experience and operating on 5 continents, our mission is to maximize international trade efficiency.

Our warehouse, strategically located in Antwerp, provides logistical efficiency, ensuring a safety stock with space efficiency and distribution capacity, enabling our Just in Time Delivery strategy.

“The best way to protect the tropical forest, is to empower the local communities by providing knowledge and resources”

We understand that to commit to a wood flooring product is challenging and can be stressful. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of professionals to ensure you have the best possible experience. Please contact us to get a sample or to simply go over our variations of flooring and products.

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BWP and its suppliers promote the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain of custody certification, the highest standard in the world, guaranteeing its products are made of timber derived from managed forests, in accordance with stringent social and environmental criteria.