About us


BWP SA has a long history of forest investments and international trading. The main products we promoted and invested were on Pine and Eucalyptus plantations in South America, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, even promoting the plantations and investments on trees, we believed we could do more in order to protect our environment and the tropical exotic forests around the world. Our products did not have the density to substitute the natural forests and we could do little to promote sustainable economy on the remote regions, where the local natural forests were planted.

Therefore, we decided to protect the forest by promoting sustainable harvesting, making sure the forest and its biodiversity is protected. We can only protect the Natural Forests if we educate and empower the local communities.

We have identified local industries with FSC certifications, that has committed to the local economy. By promoting high quality and sustainable products we can play a positive role in protecting our environment and our planet.
If you share our position and believes, please contact us to support our cause.

BWP and its suppliers promote the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain of custody certification, the highest standard in the world, guaranteeing its products are made of timber derived from managed forests, in accordance with stringent social and environmental criteria.