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BWP Flooring works only with sustainable forest management. Our goal is to protect our natural forests by promoting preservation due to integration of the local communities.
Forest management generates employment and income to these areas that needs empowerment and support to endure.

Respecting the environment, promoting awareness and knowledge, the community understands the importance to protect the natural resources for future and immediate survival. 
Via Sustainable forest management you are allowed to harvest only trees that are no longer growing on the same speed, 

therefore, you can make space for new trees to grow in the forest that is competing for sun and nutrients.

This approach to knowledge and respect the environment has proven to be the best solution to decrease deforestation and to reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, as young and new trees are the main mechanism to absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

Therefore, we welcome our clients and distributors that share our vision to promote timber only from legal sources. It is the time to make a difference. We offer the certifications of:

Sustainable forest management: how does it work?

Using natural resources with awareness and respect is indispensable today. BWP and it’s suppliers have a great commitment to preserving the environment, since we work with wood. Our raw material comes from forests with a forest management plan.

What is forest management?
It consists of using the forest resources in a planned way, respecting the capacity of nature. In management, for each tree felled, others of the same species continue to grow in order to regenerate the vegetation cover and serve as seed holders for the next generations of trees.
How does the sustainable wood production cycle work?
The process reproduces the same dynamic of falling trees that normally occurs in forests and ensures the maintenance of the natural biome. In this way, the most grown trees are removed and sustainable wood can be used for other purposes.
The exploration of reduced impact occurs with the division of the forest in 35 predefined areas, each one explored for a year. All trees are identified and only those that fit the criteria of the Management Plan can be removed. Each year vegetation regeneration begins in one area and exploration of the next selected area. Therefore, we can only return to the first area that we have taken the felled trees, in 35 years. When a company or organization decides to carry out the exploration of a native forest, a management plan is drawn up that must be approved by environmental agencies following principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

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Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources is the only Management Authority competent to grant CITES permits or certificates.

CE (Conformité Européene) – EU Legislation compliant

European E1 standard for low formaldehyde

CARB II certified (only naturally occurring VOCs)

LEED IEQ 4.4 low emitting materials

Lacey Act compliant

Floor Score Rated

BWP and its suppliers promote the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) chain of custody certification, the highest standard in the world, guaranteeing its products are made of timber derived from managed forests, in accordance with stringent social and environmental criteria.